If you could only have one

If you could only have one gun what would it be? for me it’s hard to decide considering I have a few and they are all my favorites.

A few months ago a guy told me he doesn’t own any firearms and is thinking about buying his first and he wanted to know what my thoughts were. After a few cold ones we narrowed it down to pretty much one of the first guns you either inherit or buy on you own. If you grew up in the country or in a get-outdoors household you guessed it…… the shotgun.

The shotguns have been around for quite some time and they will be around for times to come. The versatility of the shotgun is hard to beat, from busting clay and birds, to dropping deer with high velocity slug and just about anything in between. all you have to do is pick your flavor 12,16,20,28 gauge or .410. then decide how much you want to spend on the name. The good ole’ Remington 870 is hard to beat for starters, but guns are like vehicles and everyone has their preference. There are plenty of brands out there and any name brand you really can’t go wrong with. You can pick up used pump shotguns for a reasonable price at gun shows, pawn shops or you local gun store. Buying new shotguns let you be a little more picky on the configuration such as camo, blued, parkerized metal and wood or synthetic stocks, choke tubes, magazine extension, sights, extra barrels and the list goes on. Not to mention shotguns are easily accessorized if you do purchase a used one or a new one with plain configuration.

Shotgun shell ammunition varies from light target loads to sky busting goose loads and anything in between. If bigger game is what your after, slugs and buckshot would be your next step. Buckshot works wonders at close range while slugs extend your range out to and sometimes past 100 or 150 yards. They also work well for defensive loads. Check your local laws before hunting or defending yourself with any type of ammunition.

When shopping around you can find good shotguns that wont break the bank and you can sometimes find combo deals that have an extra barrel which is a bonus. Extra barrels add versatility to the platform for example take you new shotgun out and shoot a mess of quail, come home change the barrel out and have a home defense gun ready to rock and roll when something goes bump in the night.

Shotguns are the foundation for your arsenal.  I guarantee that when you buy your first there will be a few more to follow. When it comes to selecting your guns do some research. The best advice is go shoot a few shotguns. Either at a gun range, your buddies or maybe you can talk your old man into teaching you how to shoot. When it comes time to buy one go with your gut instinct, its often right. Please make sure you have an understanding of the firearm safety fundamentals and be safe.

Check out a few pictures of some pump shotguns below to help get the money burning a hole in your pocket

Thanks for reading, shoot straight

See the source image

Remington 870 combo

photo courtesy of guns.com

See the source image

Winchester sxp

photo courtesy of winchesterguns.com

Image result for mossberg 500 combo kit

Mossberg 500 combo

photo courtesy or Mossberg.com

See the source image

benelli nova

photo courtesy of gunslot.com



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