Glock sights

I have been shopping around for sets of night sights for my glocks. I have a glock 19 that has trijicons on it that are all but worn out, a 34 that has factory adjustable sight and a 17 that has the plain white outline. needless to say the are not up to par, for me they all need night sights of some sort. I handled a pistol with ameriglo I-dots on it and I was drawn to the idea of stacked sights. They are like a figure “8”… front sight on top of the rear sight.

In my research I have found the following. Amderiglo I-dot, Heinie straight 8 and xs sights F8 are what i’m looking for. the prices varied between $90-140 which seems fair to me. Now its time to make a decision. I have seen the ameriglo first hand, the xs and Heinie I have not. The reviews are mixed between pros and cons but that’s to be expected. For now I’m going to purchase a set of the I-dots for my glock 19, it’s my main carry gun and I want the newest sights on it. for the other two glocks I might just flip a coin. Those of you who have read this and have experience with any of these sights good or bad let me know, any information is helpful.

Ameriglo I-dots

photo courtesy of ameriglo


XS F8’s

photo courtesy of xs sights


heinie straight 8 ledge sights

#3185L Heinie LEDGE Straight Eight Night Sight Set

photo courtesy of heinie sights



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