Southpaw bolt action rifles

When it comes to being left handed in a right handed world, I can tell you from a left handed perspective it can be difficult. From having to use right handed scissors in grade school to now trying to buy a left handed rifle it’s kind of a pain.

I have not been a fan of bolt action rifles because finding one left handed used to be hard to find. The market on used lefty bolt actions were slim, buying new ones were even harder to find than used ones and having a custom rifle built cost you your first born and both your arms. Times are changing, you look around at gun manufacturers now and they have started building more left handed firearms. If your are in the same boat that I’m in you often resort to semi automatics, single shots or lever action rifles. There is nothing wrong with there types of firearms but bolt actions have a broader selection of caliber.

I had a pair Remington 700 varmints in .22-250 and .308 that were right handed for a while and ended up trading them off for something different that would cater to my needs a little better. Now I’m shooting a Springfield M1a in .308 because its lefty friendly. Shooting a right handed bolt action left handed works alright from the bench or prone but shooting from the seated of standing position is sometimes inconvenient.

Here in the past few years manufactures have heard the call from left handed shooters and we thank you. If you are in the market for a southpaw bolt action check out Browning, CZ USA, Remington, Ruger, Savage, Thompson Center, Tikka and Weatherby. More than likely they will have what you are looking for. I can’t express how happy I am that more and more lefty’s are being helped out in the shooing industry. Thank you!

Check out the pictures below of some left handed Ruger and Savage bolt action rifles. These aren’t the only brands out there but I have taken a liking to these two companies from their ability to adapt to left handed shooters faster than most in the shooting industry. These are not the only rifles they offer in left handed so check out their website to see them all.

Thanks for reading, shoot straight!


Ruger scout in 308 and .223

Ruger American predator in 6.5 creedmoor

Ruger guide gun in various big game calibers

Ruger photos courtesy of


Savage 110 tactical in .308


Savage 110 storm in various calibers


Savage 10/110 BA Stealth in various long range calibers


Savage 93 GL in .22mag

Savage photos courtesy of






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